Q: How does the Planner work?
A: The Bible Reading Planner dishes out three portions of God's word daily for 365 days of the year. In just one year, you will read the entire Old Testament once and the New Testament twice.
Q: How is the Planner formatted?
A: The Planner consists of three laminated bookmarks. You can keep track of the chapters you read by slipping the appropriate bookmark into your Bible.
Q: What do I have to do to receive a Planner?
A: The Planner is free. You do not have to send us any money. You do have to complete the form below so that we have your correct mailing address (as in snail mail).
Q: Is an on-line version of the Planner available?
A: Yes, an on-line version is available.
Q: What happens after I complete the form below?
A: You will be sent an email to obtain confirmation of your request. You must click on the link in the email in order for your request to be processed. We will send you your Bible Reading Planner by regular mail, free of charge. Please allow 6 - 10 weeks for delivery.

Beginning in May 2009, there will be a monthly maximum of 90 planners available. The planners will be randomly distributed among those who have requested one in the past month. If your request does not make the cut, we will notify you by email (and you are free to try again the next month).

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