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1)Who was Joshua the son of?

2)When these people's feet touched the waters of the Jordan, the waters were cut off:

3)What did Joshua do after the Israelites crossed over the Jordan?

4)What was Rahab's occupation prior to joining with Joshua and the children of Israel?

5)Where had Rahab hidden the spies?

6)What did Rahab do to signal where her house was?

7)How many times (total) did the army circle the city of Jericho before the walls fell down?

8)Where was Achan put to death?

9)The manna ceased shortly after this feast:

10)Why were the Anakites (Anakim) feared?

11)How did God kill the Amorites in Israel for Joshua and the people of Israel?

12)How long did the sun stand still for Joshua?

13)What nation deceived Joshua?

14)How many cities of refuge did God have Joshua designate?

15)After the death of Moses, Joshua was commanded to:

16)Where were Joseph's bones buried?

17)What does Joshua's name mean?

18)How old was Caleb when Moses sent him and Joshua to spy out the land?

19)What city did Caleb and his family inherit?

20)How old was Joshua when he died?

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