To whom then will you compare me, that I should be like him? says the Holy One

Isaiah 40:25

1)Which of the following prophets speaks of beating plowshares into swords?

2)Which man was plowing when he was called to be a prophet of God?

3)What trade related task were James and John working on when Jesus called them?

4)What does Joel foretell will be done to pruning hooks?

5)What tool-of-trade did David perfect the use of in his early years?

6)Which woman used a 'workman's hammer' to put a tent peg into a most unusual spot?

7)Huram of Tyre, worked on the temple with which material?

8)Joseph (Mary's husband) was involved in this trade:

9)Why were there no 'blacksmiths' in Israel in the days of king Saul?

10)This borrowed tool fell into the water and Elisha miraculously recovered it.

11)With which of the following do we associate Dorcas?

12)King David started out his life in this occupation:

13)What was the occupation of Demetrius?

14)In the country of the Gadarenes, where Legion was, there were kept...

15)Which was the first occupation mentioned in the Bible?

16)Who did Solomon say were the best at felling timber?

17)Which two men were chosen by God, to work on making the tabernacle in the wilderness?

18)This man was called by God, to be a prophet from among the 'shepherds of Tekoa'.

19)In Jeremiah, Babylon's destruction is likened to 'how broken and shattered is the .... of the whole earth

20)With which occupation is Lydia associated?

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