If one gives answer before he hears, it is his folly and his shame.


1)This could have been one of the animals that Peter was reluctant to 'rise, kill and eat'.

2)The fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil that Eve ate in the garden was a:

3)Rachel sold Jacob to Leah for this food:

4)The people who first saw this food asked themselves 'What is it?':

5)God said people would eat so much of this food that it would come out of their noses:

6)This man ate grass for seven years:

7)John the Baptist is recorded as eating the following

8)Jesus made the disciples breakfast with this food:

9)Ezekiel ate a scroll and it tasted:

10)One of the following is known in scripture to have requested a vegetarian diet:

11)Jesus ate some of this food to confirm to his disciples that he had really been resurrected:

12)Ezekiel was told to eat barley cakes prepared in this way:

13)This man was fed by ravens:

14)Sisera had a bottle of milk given him to drink before going to sleep and being killed by this woman:

15)At one point in Samaria you could buy this food for eighty shekels (two pounds) of silver:

16)The Israelites in the desert were nostalgic about this Egyptian food:

17)God guaranteed that the widow's supply of this should not run out (during the famine):

18)When the spies spied out the land, they came back with a huge cluster of grapes from this place:

19)Jesus said that unless you eat this, you have no life in yourself:

20)According to the Bible, this was a land 'flowing with milk and honey'

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