If one gives answer before he hears, it is his folly and his shame.


1)This man's nakedness brought about a curse on his son.

2)A woman touched the hem of Jesus garment, and was healed of this problem.

3)This man was clothed in camel's hair.

4)This man gave his son a richly ornamented robe.

5)Soldiers cast lots over this man's garment.

6)This man left his garment behind, as he fled a seductive woman.

7)This man sewed fig leaves together to cover himself.

8)This man 'borrowed' his brother's garment to try and impersonate him.

9)The armies that follow the Faithful and True are clothed in this.

10)In Revelation 12 a woman is clothed with this:

11)This man's garments couldn't compare to the lilies of the field.

12)This child was wrapped in swaddling clothes at his birth:

13)In the parable of the wedding, what happens to the man who shows up without a wedding garment?

14)This man's servant lied in order to obtain two garments from a foreign dignitary.

15)According to the law of Moses, a garment could not be made from the following:

16)This man coveted a garment and some gold, and was stoned for it in the valley of Achor.

17)Jesus said that we should not put new cloth on an old garment, why?

18)This man offered 30 garments to anyone who could solve his riddle

19)God clothed this man with coats of skin

20)In Bible times, being clothed in this type of garment indicated sorrow, distress or humility.

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