Moses, a leader of the Israeli people during the ancient Bible times, seemed to run on batteries. In Australia, we have an ad on TV about a battery that is supposed to last longer than the rest, and the tag line that is used to promote the battery is "Never Say Die". This seems to have been the same for Moses. When God told Moses that he was, on God's behalf, to lead the nation of Israel out of the oppression of the Egyptian Pharaohs, Moses was initially hesitant, and tried to shake such huge responsibility. He told God that he wasn't a good speaker, and wouldn't be accepted by the people as a leader.

When Moses eventually decided to do what God had asked, he never once went back on his decision. He seemed to just keep going and going, and never showed signs of weakness.

As these days we are more energy conscious, many batteries are now rechargeable. When a remote control car (or any other battery-operated toy for that matter) gets a little slow, it is time to recharge the battery again. Just like the battery needs recharging, so do we. Moses used God as his recharger. Moses became so close to God through constant communication with him, that Moses became known as a friend of God. What an honour, to be a friend of the very being that created the earth and all of us! Moses talked to God, thought about God and taught the Israelites about God, and to this end he was one of the most spiritual leaders the Israelites have ever had.

Recently a movie was released around the world about Moses. It was a cartoon movie that demonstrated the awesome courage that was shown by Moses in such a dreadful period of oppression in Israel's history. The amazing thing is that with God, we can also have that same courage and strength when it seems that everything is lost. Moses is a great example of how to be strong in the face of adversity.

To find out more about Moses, grab a Bible and look at the book of Exodus. It really is a fascinating read!

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